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    eValuation Data Plus

    The Valuation Corner provides industry specific cost of capital based on monthly updated capital market data. In case you need company specific cost of capital for your valuation we offer the service eValuation Data Plus. Once you provide us with additional information in the input boxes below, our valuation specialists can start deriving your specific cost of capital and deliver you an individualized report. By clicking on the button, you receive our offer for individual cost of capital derivation.

    Valuation purpose

    Depending on the valuation purpose, please choose whether your cost of capital is indefinite (e.g. regular valuation) or maturity specific (e.g. impairment test).


    Choose how often you want us to derive your cost of capital.

    Cost of capital

    You can choose between your cost of equity and your cost of equity + cost of debt.


    Decide on whether you want to use your own or an average market tax rate & please choose a specific country or countries and the currency which the cost of capital derivation is based on.


    Capital structure

    Regarding the weighting and gearing of your cost of capital please select whether you want to use your company specific or a peer-group capital structure.

    Selection of peer-group

    If you already have a comprehensive peer-group at hand, please select "My own peer-group" and list your peers in the text box below. If you want us to do the selection, push "PwC peer-group".

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